Goodman Heat Pump

Goodman Heat Pump

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A heat pump is a device that delivers heat energy from a given source of heat to a destination. Heat pumps are designed to move thermal energy opposite to the direction of natural heat flow by absorbing heat from a cold space and releasing it to a warmer place. A heat pump uses external power to achieve the work of transferring energy from the heat source to the heat sink.

The air conditioners are familiar examples of heat pumps. However the term heat pump is broader and applies to many HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) devices used for space heating and space cooling. When a heat pump is used for heating, it employs the same basic refrigeration-type cycle used by an air conditioner or a refrigerator, but in the opposite direction – releasing heat into the conditioned space rather than the surrounding environment. In this use, heat pumps generally draw heat from the cooler external air or from the ground. In heating mode, heat pumps are three to four times more efficient in their use of electric power, than are simple electrical resistance heaters.

The Goodman Heat pump is a geothermal heat pump or ground-source heat pumps thus uses shallow underground heat exchangers as a heat source or sink, and water as the heat transport medium. This is possible because below ground level, the temperature is relatively constant across the seasons, and the earth can provide or absorb a large amount of heat.

Ground source heat pumps work as air-source heat pumps, but exchange heat with the ground via water pumped through pipes in the ground. Ground source heat pumps are simpler and therefore more reliable than air source heat pumps as they do not need fan or defrosting systems and can be housed inside. Although a ground heat exchanger requires a higher initial capital cost, the annual running costs are lower, because well-designed ground source heat pump systems operate more efficiently.

Goodman brand of heat pumps offers year-round indoor comfort especially in countries where temperatures fall below average during winter and rise above average in summer. These units provide both cooling and heating comfort from a single system. Their systems are high-efficiency heat pumps hence lowering the cost of keeping your home completely comfortable all year.

The Goodman brand offers a full line of heat pump systems so you are certain to find the perfect system to fit your budget. Also they offer a very nice warranty protection in the heating and cooling industry.continue reading here!

Some of the brands of heat pumps from Goodman

a. 2 Ton Goodman Heat Pump System GSZ130241 ARUF24B14

Its features include: R-410A chlorine-free refrigerant, High-efficiency scroll compressor, Smart Shift technology to ensure quiet reliable defrost, Factory-installed bi-flow liquid-line filter drier, Factory-installed suction-line accumulator, Factory-installed compressor crankcase heater, Factory-installed high-capacity muffler, High- and low-pressure switches, Service valves with sweat connections and easy access to gauge ports, Copper tube/enhanced aluminum fin coil, Fully charged for 15’ of tubing length and a Contactor with lug connection.

ITS Cabinet Features ARE: Goodman brand sound control top design, Steel louver coil guard, Heavy-gauge galvanized-steel cabinet, Attractive Architectural Gray powder-paint finish with 500-hour salt-spray approval, Top and side maintenance access and the Service ports and controls are accessible while unit is operating.

b. 2 Ton Goodman Heat Pump System GSZ130241 ARUF24B14

This Complete 2.0 Ton Heat Pump System Includes: One Outdoor Unit. (gsz130241a) 2.0 Ton. Heating Capacity (Btu) Free 10 kW Heat Strip.(

c. 5 (5.0) Ton Goodman 13 SEER Heat Pump Package Unit GPH1360H41

Goodman Heat Pump

5.0 Ton Goodman Heat Pump Packaged Unit (GPH1360H41) Seer / eer. Copper tube/aluminum fin coil. PSC blower motor; 5-ton models have an EEM motor. Specifications – GPH Package Unit (Heat Pump).

d. Goodman 3 Ton 13 SEER Complete Split System Heat Pump

The Goodman brand GSZ13 Heat Pump uses the chlorine-free refrigerant R-410A and features operating sound levels that are among the best we offer in the heating and cooling industry.
e. Goodman 2.5 Ton 14 SEER Complete Split System Heat Pump GSZ130301, ASPT36C14

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